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Learn the Latin Dances

Salsa-Bachata-Rumba-Samba-Jive-Cha Cha-Pasodoble 

Whether you are a seasoned dancer, or someone waiting for your first intro class, our online videos are perfect for you.  We will show you many different ways to prepare your mind and body for this exciting journey of dance! Increase your body awareness, health, and confidence, all before your first lesson in the studio! 

With a single payment of $39 you have an unlimited lifetime access to all of our training videos. We add to them monthly, so you will always be able to learn a new skill, while maintaing all the old ones.  You won't have to search youtube, or Facebook, or your phone! Everything is all in one place for your convenience.  You can learn the Salsa basic step, or perhaps finally conquer that tricky body movement you have never been able to teach yourself.

Dancing in Red
We recommend starting with the At Home Training series to get yourself in great shape before starting your journey, or to help you make the most of what you have already learned.  Learn great cross training exercises to become more connected to your body and better prepared to dance in heels.  Of course we have videos on technique and basic steps of the latin dances we teach, but the video curriculum is so much more than that.  You will learn many secrets and training methods that we have learned from our training all over the world!
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"Leela and Daniele are great teachers, and very knowledgeable in all aspects and genres of dance. Although very professional, their teaching style is a good fit for everyone from beginner to seasoned dancer." Terence R

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