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Competitive Latin Dance Training

The 5 Latin American Dances; Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Pasodoble, and Jive.

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How can you take your latin dancing to the next level, while improving your confidence, physique and enjoyment all at the same time?

Continue your journey in Competitive Latin dance training with us!  Whether you have only trained in social dancing and are ready to take your skills to the next level, or you are new to Arizona and need local instructors to continue your journey, Cavallo Dance Az can help.  We train all age groups and levels! Take part in showcases, and competition, gaining all the knowledge and reward dancing brings to your life!

California Open 2018
2018 Dancing For Arizona's Children Event
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"I am a student of Daniele's, and have been dancing a little over three years.  I am so fortunate to have found him, as he is an excellent teacher and person.  I appreciate his methods of bringing me closer and closer to the best that I can be!  Daniele instructs you in the way that is best for your learning style. I'm always comfortable that he knows best and pushes me until i have "it."  There are hard days and I'm glad for those days also. Daniele is always patient, which I appreciate.  He makes the struggles go by with humor, and is generous with compliments when you do finally arrive at the place that you've been struggling for.  I'm sure all of his students feel the same about him as I do!"  Robin M.

"I chose a song for a dance competition and Leela choreographed a dance routine for it that was perfect for me. She kept encouraging me even when I doubted I could do it. Her creativity and hard work paid off. We were the crowd favorite and judges choice!" Robert R

2018 Dancing for Arizona's Children Event

"In only a few months Daniele taught me an entire Rumba from scratch.  He was getting me ready to perform at a fundraiser in front of a large audience. His infinite patience and attention to detail helped me learn not only the technique, but also the concept and meaning behind each movement.  I highly recommend Daniele to anyone who wants to learn ballroom dancing professionally, to perform at an event, compete, or just for fun!"Michela D.B.

2017 Dancing for Arizona's Children Event

"I recently had the great fortune of working with Leela for a dance event. I had little experience in dance and throughout the process Leela was patient, professional and fun to work with. I highly recommend working with Leela on your dancing whether it's for a special event or just for fun." Doug M

Shawn Cavallo Dance Az

"I have been taking lessons from Leela for over two years now.  Leela is an incredible instructor who has a true passion for dance.  I come from ZERO dance background and she has brought me to where I would have never dreamed possible.  We have mainly covered Latin ballroom and I have even done multiple competitions with her.  She is always focused during our lessons and shows that she really cares about making me a better dancer, all while enjoying the process.  I have grown tremendously as a whole through the last two years and have to thank Leela for all she has done to help.  She is truly dedicated and regularly passes along new wisdom that she acquires from high-level instructors.  I wouldn’t hesitate to take lessons from her as she is extremely professional, skilled, and all-around a great person to interact with.

I also take lessons with Danielle and echo the sentiments as the above, with the addition of being able to provide knowledge from the leader’s perspective.  This has been very valuable and has shown me how to lead with the appropriate connections.  He has a great eye for what looks good in our routines and is very creative.  Danielle is also able to explain things in a way that helps me process corrections and information very quickly.  I am very happy I found them! 

" Shawn M.

2019 Galaxy Dance Festival

"In 2018, I was asked to be a celebrity dancer for Dancing With The Stars AZ in support of the National Kidney Foundation.  For this annual gala event, each dancer was paired with a professional dancer in the Valley. I was fortunate to be introduced to Daniele Cavallo and over the next year, he taught me to dance International Rumba and we performed it in front of 750 people that evening.  What a thrill that was but what would come next was even more exciting and humbling. Because of Daniele’s attention to technical detail, his ability to impart his award-winning talent to me as his student, and his patience with me, I felt as though I had been performing Latin dance for years.  I was hooked! I continued with him so I could learn more and continue to improve what I had so quickly grown to love. Since that performance I have continued to take lessons twice a week and I danced in my first competition last September at the Galaxy Dance Festival and took home first place in all three of my events.  I was over the moon! Two days later we were back in the studio learning at the next level and preparing for the next phase of my dancing.

I have danced my entire life but never this style and never with a partner.  I have always loved to perform. However, the mere thought of stepping out of my comfort zone and doing something new and unfamiliar at my age felt overwhelming and frightening and yet somehow, exhilarating and empowering.  I credit Daniele for that completely. His approach is technical and very exact, but he is encouraging and very aware of each individual dancer’s strengths and challenges. I find that when I am at lessons each week, I am completely focused on the teaching and the steps and in perfecting everything I learn because I am inspired by the dancers around me.  

As a physician, a wife, and the mother of two children, life can be pretty crazy on the daily.  Most days I feel like I work as an air traffic controller!! However, going to dance with Daniele and learning by observing his professional partner, the extremely talented Leela Fazzuoli, I have my opportunity to do this one thing for myself and focus on nothing else but excelling at something so intense and beautiful.  I am beyond grateful at what Daniele Cavallo and Leela Fazzuoli have shared with me and very excited for what lies ahead for me and my dance journey." Sheetal C.

2019 Galaxy Dance Festival

"I appreciate how Daniele helps me really understand the how and the why behind the movement. More than just memorizing the steps. Especially in regards to partner connection, no more pushing and pulling, just seamless communication!" Rebekah J.

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Michael Cavallo Dance Az

"Cavallo Dance is my home. It's a place I can go and I'll always be welcomed with open arms. I can count on them to be real with me AND supportive. They don't push me to spend, they push for me to be myself when I dance. It's clear they have education and expertise in Latin Dancing!"

Casey H

2018 Dancing for Arizona's Children Event
PTG Uniforms

"Dancing continues to be an avenue for new adventures and experiences for me. It pushes me out of my comfort zone and I'm thankful for that. Leela's teaching covers both the basic and advanced aspects in a manageable way!"

Michael R


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