Salsa Group Classes

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Cavallo Dance Az is proud to announce our new weekly Salsa on 1 Group Class Programs!


Tuesday nights from 7pm-8pm will be our new Salsa on 1 Program for beginners. Our Beginners Program will be geared towards new dancers and will focus on fundamentals. Timing, core basic steps, and how to overcome any gaps in your training. Once this Program has been mastered, new students will then transition to our Intermediate Program, and continue to build on the strong foundation that was created in the Beginners Program!

Tuesday nights from 8pm-9pm will be our Intermediate Program. Join Cavallo Dance for an additional opportunity to experience Fitness-Fun-Family! This Program will be geared towards intermediate level dancers and focus on partner work. We will also be focusing on a deeper level of understanding how lead and follow work together to create this beautiful dance. (Our Intermediate Program will build off of our Beginners Program.)

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  Please fill out the form below to Sign Up Today! Spaces are limited!

We look forward to seeing you in Class!

Located at 
DanceWise 5555 N 7th St unit 112 Phoenix, Az 85014

$15 per person.


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